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White Rocks Trail

Birding in Vermont

White Rocks Trail
Bennington, Vermont 05201
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Bennington County

White Rocks Trail
Coordinates: 42.8899284, -73.1804116
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About White Rocks Trail
“White Rocks” is a section of the Bald Mountain Trail, located in Bennington. Basically, you stop at the beautiful lookout and head back from there, rather than going for the summit.

The trail begins with going up some steps, passing a kiosk, and then heading over some small hills that may be covered with wildflowers, depending on the season. One of the neatest parts of the trail takes place before the first mile is even up, as one passes through the “free expression tunnel” underneath the nearby highway, with various graffiti of interest on the walls – not your usual hiking trail scenery, for sure! It’s strange to hear cars whizzing by during this portion of the trail, but it’s also neat in its own way.

After the tunnel, the “White Rocks” trail turns more into your typical hiking trail, though it is a pleasant one. It’s all uphill, but it’s a moderate uphill at worst in this section.

Much of the trail is heavily wooded, with a few small clearings throughout. There are a few streams to cross, but it’s nothing challenging.

Just before reaching the lookout, one will find out exactly what this “White Rocks” nickname is all about, as white rocks very literally cover the ground. From here, there’s a few steeper climbs as the paths become rockier, but it’s all worth it for that magnificent view of Bennington and its surrounding mountains at the end of this section.
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