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Top 10 Hotspots in Caledonia County

100 or more species reported
Connecticut River Floodplain, Barnet
Groton State Forest

All Hotspots in Caledonia County

Bald Hill Wildlife Management Area
Bean Pond – Lyndon (24 acres)
Bean Pond – Sutton (30 acres)
Big Deer State Park
Boulder Beach State Park
Bruce Pond – Sheffield (27 acres)
Calendar Brook Wildlife Management Area
Center Pond – Newark (79 acres)
Chandler Pond – Wheelock (68 acres)
Coles Pond – Walden (125 acres)
Connecticut River Floodplain, Barnet
Cross Vermont Trail–West Shore Drive to Boulder Beach Road
Cross Vermont Trail–West Shore Drive to Lakeside Drive
Duck Pond – Waterford (16 acres)
Ewell Pond – Peacham (51 acres)
Flagg Pond – Wheelock (111 acres)
Fosters Pond – Peacham (61 acres)
Groton State Forest
Groton State Forest–Owls Head
Groton State Forest–Peacham Bog Trail
Hardwick Lake, Hardwick (145 Acres)
Hardwick Village Forest
Harveys Lake – Barnet (351 acres)
Joes Pond – Danville (396 acres)
Keiser Pond – Danville (33 acres)
Kettle Pond State Park
Kirby Pond – Kirby (10 acres)
Lake Groton – Groton (422 acres)
Levi Pond Wildlife Management Area
Little Eligo – Hardwick (15 acres)
Long Pond – Sheffield (38 acres)
Lower Symes Pond – Ryegate (57 acres)
Lyford Pond – Walden (33 acres)
Lyndon State Forest
Mackville Pond – Hardwick (11 acres)
Marl Pond – Sutton (10 acres)
Martins Pond – Peacham (82 acres)
Mcindoe Falls Park
Mount Hor
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mud Pond – Peacham (34 acres)
New Discovery State Park
Newark Pond – Newark (153 acres)
Noyes Pond (Seyon Pond) – Groton (39 acres)
Osmore Pond – Peacham (48 acres)
Peacham Pond – Peacham (340 acres)
Ricker Pond – Groton (95 acres)
Ricker Pond State Park
Round Pond – Sheffield (13 acres)
Roy Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Sarah Moores Pond – Barnet (13 acres)
Sawdust Pond – Newark (15 acres)
Seyon Lodge State Park
Signal Mountain
Stannard Pond – Stannard (25 acres)
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area–Stannard Section
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area–Walden Section
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area–Wheelock Section
Stiles Pond – Waterford (135 acres)
Stillwater State Park
Three Rivers Trail
Ticklenaked Pond – Ryegate (54 acres)
Tuttle Pond – Hardwick (21 acres)
Upper Danville Pond – Danville (19 acres)
Upper Symes Pond – Ryegate (20 acres)
Vail Pond – Sutton (16 acres)
Warden Pond – Barnet (46 acres)
Wheeler Mountain