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Keiser Pond, Danville

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Keiser Pond
Keiser Pond Wildlife Management Area

Danville, Vermont 05828
Keiser Pond Wildlife Management Area guide

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Caledonia County

Keiser Pond – Danville (33 acres)
Coordinates: 44.3856511, -72.1719633
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About Keiser Pond
Keiser Pond is part of the Keiser Pond Wildlife Management Area. The pond is on Keiser Pond Road and Harveys Hollow Road. There is a public boat ramp on Harveys Hollow Road.

Keiser Pond (33 acres) is a site for the Vermont LoonWatch annual survey. Birders are encouraged to volunteer as often and whenever they are able. See Join LoonWatch for details.

About Keiser Pond Wildlife Management Area
The Keiser Pond Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is owned and managed by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD). The WMA consists of 69.2 acres of land surrounding the pond in the towns of Danville and Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont. Access is via the VFWD Fishing Access Area located on the south side of the pond. Approximately 30 acres directly south of the parking area, across Harvey’s Hollow Road, is accessible by foot. Two other parcels are accessible by watercraft, or by walking a short distance down Harvey’s Hollow Road and Keiser Pond Road. The remaining parcel on the north side of the pond is accessible only by watercraft via Keiser Pond. The management goals of this property are to preserve and enhance the existing aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

Keiser Pond WMA was purchased as 4 separate parcels between 1959 and 2007. About half of the property, south of Harvey’s Hollow Road, was purchased with Dingell-Johnson Fisheries Restoration funds as part of the acquisition for a fishing access to the pond. The remaining 3 parcels were acquired in 2007 at reduced cost via a landowner who wanted the shoreline conserved for future generations to enjoy the wildness and solitude offered on this relatively undeveloped pond. Primary funding was provided by the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and the Upper Connecticut River Mitigation and Enhancement Fund, in collaboration with the Passumpsic Valley Land Trust.

The predominate cover on shoreline parcels is mature northern white cedar, with most stems quite large (>12 inches diameter), especially immediately adjacent to the pond and on gentle slopes. Associated canopy species are scattered balsam fir, red spruce, and white pine. The parcel south of Harvey’s Hollow Road is a mature birch-beech-maple forest. Keiser Pond is a rather shallow, warm-water pond. The shoreline has only 3 residences and a nearly intact shoreline, which allows a “semi-remote” fishing/wildlife viewing experience for boaters. Due to its small size, fishing or viewing wildlife is best suited to canoes, kayaks, or small boats.

The undeveloped shoreline and wetlands also provide feeding grounds for great blue herons, and nesting-feeding habitat for waterfowl, including mallards, black ducks, green-winged teal, wood ducks, hooded mergansers, and Canada geese. Common loons nest on Keiser Pond.
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