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Hinesburg Town Forest

Birding in Vermont

Hinesburg Town Forest
Hinesburg, Vermont 05461
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Chittenden County

Hinesburg Town Forest
Coordinates: 44.3261813, -73.032614
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Tips for birding Hinesburg Town Forest
An excellent birding hotspot in Hinesburg is the Hinesburg Town Forest. This sprawling property of more than 800 acres is a popular destination for bikers, hikers, and dog walkers as well as birders. The Hinesburg Town Forest is composed mainly of mature hardwood forests and conifers. One exception is an open area that has been previously logged near the Economou Road entrance. This area consists of early successional shrubland that is the perfect habitat for nesting Mourning Warblers. In the conifers breeding Blackburnian Warblers are fairly common. In the hardwood forest Wood Thrushes and Hermit Thrushes can be heard and sometimes seen. Olive-sided Flycatchers, an uncommon bird in Vermont, have been reported perched on snags in the eastern section of the forest. Among the woodpeckers Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are regulars. In the shrubland area, Ruffed Grouse are often seen. Overall Vermont eBird lists over 100 bird species that have been reported at this hotspot, which is remarkable given that the Hinesburg town Forest is not heavily visited by birders.

There are three points of access to the Hinesburg Town Forest: Hayden Hill East, Hayden Hill West, and Economou Road. For the latter, follow Economou Road to the end, then continue slowly on the old logging road to a small parking lot, kiosk, and an orange gate.
From Bruce MacPherson, Green Mountain Audubon Society

The TrailFinder website has a description and map of a hike at Hinesburg Town Forest.

About Hinesburg Town Forest
The 837-acre Hinesburg Town Forest, one of two Town Forests in Hinesburg, was acquired by the Town over many years, beginning in 1936. Since then, the once open fields have succeeded into woodlands and combined with older farm woodlots and hedgerows to form a diverse forest. From the beginning, the Hinesburg Town Forest has been managed for timber, firewood, wildlife habitat, and recreation. More recently, recreational use has expanded through the development of a popular multi-use trail network created and stewarded by the Fellowship of the Wheel. The Town Forest is used and appreciated by an increasing number of visitors, both from Hinesburg and beyond, for activities including (but not limited to): hiking; biking; skiing; snowshoeing; horseback riding; birding; wildlife viewing; riding ATV’s; hunting; dog walking; timber and wildlife habitat management; scientific study; and educational walks and tours. The Hinesburg community wanted to understand the extent and potential impacts of these various uses in the forest.
From Hinesburg Town Forest webpage