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Guildhall Swamp Natural Area

Birding in Vermont

Guildhall Swamp Natural Area
The Nature Conservancy
Guildhall, Vermont 05905

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Essex County

Guildhall Swamp Natural Area
Coordinates: 44.569774, -71.588328
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About Guildhall Swamp Natural Area
Guildhall Swamp Natural Area is a preserve protected and managed by The Nature Conservancy.

Twenty-four acres of Spruce-Fir-Tamarck Swamp, a rare type of swamp in Vermont, are accessible for public, pedestrian access through the Great Guildhall Swamp Natural Area. This natural area is owned by the Nature Conservancy and has parking off of North Road in Guildhall. It is home to moose, deer, snowshoe hare, and boreal birds; visitors can walk through the swamp for birding or wildlife watching. The portion of the swamp conserved with Vermont Land Trust is privately owned and open to the public but is only accessible through the natural area.
From Vermont Land Trust