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All Hotspots in Lamoille County

Babcock Nature Preserve
Beaver Lake – Hyde Park (16 acres)
Belvidere Bog and Wetlands
Big Muddy Pond – Eden (17 acres)
Brewster Uplands Trails–Pond Loop Trail
Cady Hill Forest
Chase Park
Collins Pond – Hyde Park (16 acres)
Cricket Hill Trails
Duhamel Road
East Face and Toll Road
East Hill Wildlife Management Area
Elmore State Park
Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge
Green River Reservoir – Hyde Park (554 acres)
Green River Reservoir State Park
Gut Pond – Eden (13 acres)
Hardwood Pond – Elmore (44 acres)
Lake Eden – Eden (194 acres)
Lake Elmore – Elmore (219 acres)
Lake Lamoille – Morristown (148 acres)
Lake Mansfield – Stowe (35 acres)
Lamoille County Nature Center
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail–Hyde Park
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail–Morrisville East
Little Elmore Pond – Elmore (24 acres)
Long Pond (Belvidere Pond) – Eden (97 acres)
Long Trail–Route 108 to Mount Mansfield “Adams Apple”
Maple Ridge Trail
Molly Bog (University of Vermont Natural Area)
Morristown Bog Natural Area
Morristown Town Forest
Moss Glen Falls
Mount Mansfield
Mud Pond – Hyde Park (14 acres)
North Branch Cascades–Elmore
Northern Vermont University, Johnson–Campus
Northern Vermont University, Johnson–Lower Pond
Northern Vermont University, Johnson–Trails
Oxbow Park
Peter A. Krusch Nature Preserve
Pinnacle Meadows
Quiet Path Weeks Hill Road Side
Ritterbush Pond – Eden (14 acres)
Round Pond – Eden (10 acres)
Rush Pond – Eden (14 acres)
Schofield Pond – Hyde Park (29 acres)
Smugglers Notch
Smugglers Notch State Park
South Pond – Eden (103 acres)
Sterling Forest
Sterling Pond
Stowe Mountain Resort–Lower Spruce Creek Trail
Trapp Family Lodge
Wapanacki Lake – Wolcott (21 acres)
Wiessner Woods
Wild Branch Wildlife Management Area
Wolcott Pond – Wolcott (74 acres)
Zack Woods Pond – Hyde Park (23 acres)