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Orange County

Birding in Vermont

All Hotspots in Orange County

Allis State Park
Baker Pond – Brookfield (35 acres)
Bill Hill
Braintree Mountain Forest
Braintree Mountain–Peak
Childs Pond – Thetford (10 acres)
Clover Hill Wildlife Management Area
Crossroad Farm and Taylor Floodplain Preserve
Cutter Pond – Williamstown (16 acres)
Ellis Town Forest
Fairlee Marsh Wildlife Management Area
Fairlee Town Forest
Fuller Pond – Strafford (18 acres)
Halls Lake – Newbury (85 acres)
Harriman Pond – Newbury (20 acres)
Holdens Pond – Brookfield (10 acres)
I-91 Northbound Rest Stop–Bradford Information Center
Jail Branch Marsh
Lake Abenaki – Thetford (44 acres)
Lake Fairlee – Thetford (457 acres)
Lake Morey – Fairlee (547 acres)
Lamson Pond – Brookfield (24 acres)
Limehurst Pond – Williamstown (13 acres)
Long Pond – Newbury (15 acres)
Miller Pond – Strafford (64 acres)
Morey Mountain Conservation Area
Mud Pond (Forscythe Pond) – Thetford (20 acres)
Mud Pond – Braintree (10 acres)
Norford Lake – Thetford (21 acres)
North Pond – Brookfield (24 acres)
North Thetford Landing
Patterson Mountain
Pickles Pond – Brookfield (17 acres)
Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Podunk Wildlife Management Area
Post Mills Natural Area
Randolph Floodplain Forest
Randolph Rest Area
Riddel Pond – Orange (15 acres)
Rood Pond – Williamstown (23 acres)
Round Pond – Newbury (30 acres)
Sleepers Meadow, Newbury
South Pond – Brookfield (16 acres)
Staples Pond – Williamstown (15 acres)
Strafford Town Forest
Sunset Lake – Brookfield (25 acres)
Tenney Pond – Newbury (10 acres)
Tenney Road
Thetford Hill State Park
Thurman W. Dix Reservoir – Orange (123 acres)
Tunbridge Worlds Fair
Twin Ponds – Brookfield (16 acres)
Union Village Dam, Park, and Recreation Area
Union Village Dam–Buzzell Bridge Rd.
Unnamed Pond – Williamstown (28 acres)
Vershire Pond – E – Vershire (10 acres)
Waits River, Connecticut River Confluence
Washington Wildlife Management Area
Wells River Rail Trail
West Fairlee Wildlife Management Area
Wrights Mountain Trails
Zebedee Wetlands