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Strafford Town Forest

Birding in Vermont

Strafford Town Forest
Strafford, Vermont 05072
Strafford Town Forest webpage
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Orange County

Strafford Town Forest
Coordinates: 43.9193805, -72.3682308
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About Strafford Town Forest
Strafford’s largest town-owned property is 108 acres of contiguous forest on Hemenway Road. Approximately equal portions lie on opposite sides of the road. In 1962 it was gifted to the town by Gardner Cobb. The property has been logged several times by the town.

​Most recently in 1999, a large portion was clear cut having been damaged by a severe ice storm. It has recovered considerably since.

The Strafford Conservation Commission manages the forest on behalf of the Town. To allow the public access, several trails have been cleared on the northwest portion of the property. The Fen Trail is about a mile long and provides access to an unusual fen via a boardwalk. This has become a significant attraction for local residents and for surrounding towns due to its prolific showy lady slipper blooms in late June.

A second trail climbs Cobb Hill. After half a mile climb and descent, it reconnects with the Fen Trail. Both trails are marked with yellow tape or paint. There is parking at the trailhead across the road for several cars.

​Located across Hemenway Road on the southeast side are the other 50+ acres. It is largely a wetland with mixed hard- and softwood. The wet marsh and the many blowdowns make it difficult to navigate, but we are working on trails to allow easier access.

All of this property is open to hiking, camping, hunting, biking, and all forms of foot traffic. We do discourage vehicular and horse traffic.

The property boasts a variety of habitats which in turn support a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are bear, moose and deer feeding areas along with many unusual plants including sundew, showy lady slippers, purple fringed orchids, bog candles, lady’s tresses, lungwort, turtle heads, and moccasin flowers.
From Strafford Town Forest webpage