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Union Village Dam–Buzzell Bridge Road

Birding in Vermont

Union Village Dam
East Thetford, Vermont 05043
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Orange County

Union Village Dam–Buzzell Bridge Rd.
Coordinates: 43.820099, -72.251660
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Tips for birding Union Village Dam
Birdwatching in Vermont, pp. 93-94.

About Union Village Dam
If you enjoy wildlife viewing, photography, fishing, or hunting, Union Village Dam is the place to be! The Corps of Engineers uses natural resource management techniques to establish and maintain many different habitats for all kinds of wildlife. From the river to wetlands, old fields to mature forests, Union Village Dam is the home of a variety of plants and animals. Park rangers use prescribed burning and brushhogging to maintain open fields, an important natural habitat. Nesting boxes for waterfowl, songbirds, and birds of prey are constructed and maintained. Apple trees are pruned for the production of food for all kinds of wildlife.

The Corps also works in conjunction with state and other federal agencies in natural resources management including stocking the river with trout.

So bring your binoculars and have a look around. Take in the splendid colors of the wildflowers that grow along the roadside, watch the wood ducks in the beaver ponds, and listen and watch the birds in the forests and fields. Perhaps you’ll get a glimpse of fawns leaping about in the springtime, a black bear shambling through a clearing, or an owl motionless in a pine tree. Come discover the natural beauty of Union Village Dam and tell us what you saw while visiting.
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