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Crystal Lake, Barton

Birding in Vermont

Crystal Lake State Park
96 Bellwater Avenue
Barton, Vermont 05822
Crystal Lake State Park webpage
Crystal Lake State Park guide and map

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Orleans County

Crystal Lake – Barton (763 acres)
Coordinates: 44.7326678, -72.1539447
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About Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake is approximately three miles long and about one mile in width. In some places, it is known to be more than 100 feet deep. It is a glacial lake beautifully situated among rough-hewn mountainsides.

Crystal Lake (763 acres) is a site for the Vermont LoonWatch annual survey. Birders are encouraged to volunteer as often and whenever they are able. See Join LoonWatch for details.

About Crystal Lake State Park
Crystal Lake State Park is located on the north end of Crystal Lake.

The beach area has almost a mile of sandy shoreline with a marked swimming area. The large, historic, granite bathhouse has restrooms, changing areas, and a concession stand. There are approximately 40 free-standing charcoal grills, nearly 80 picnic tables, rental boats and canoes, and lots of parking space.

In 1759, during the French and Indian War, Roger’s Rangers were chased into the Crystal Lake/Barton area. It is believed that Robert Roger was familiar with this area at the age of fifteen and that he participated in and helped lead the raid on St. Francis in Canada.

At one time, there was a granite quarry on the east side of Crystal Lake. Near the turn of the century, steamboats barged stones across the lake. The park’s beach house was made of granite quarried beside the lake. It was constructed in the late thirties by the CCC. It has a very unusual architectural design and received prominent recognition the year it was built.
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