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Barre Town Forest

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Barre Town Forest
Graniteville, Vermont 05654
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Washington County

Barre Town Forest
Coordinates: 44.1472015, -72.474221
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About Barre Town Forest
The Town Forest is a beautiful and historic 370 acres of reclaimed land with an extensive network of trails lovingly maintained by the Millstone Trails Association for diverse uses year-round. This land provides the town with scenic vistas, recreational opportunities including 20 miles of hiking trails, timber production, wildlife habitat, and water protection. Protection of the land as a conserved Town Forest also ensures public access, safeguards drinking water resources, supports the local timber, recreation, and tourism economies, and provides occasional timber revenue to the Town.

The Town Forest has a fascinating history. The quarry area of Millstone Hill was once home to some of the first granite quarries in Barre, established in 1790. The mining of these quarries created a boomtown economy for Barre at the time, but they have not been quarried for over a hundred years and have since been reclaimed by nature. Unlike most industrial work, the mining of the quarries has produced beautiful bodies of water and views within the Forest. Evidence of the quarry mines themselves can still be found scattered in the Town Forest.
From Barre Town Forest webpage