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Kettle Pond, Groton

Birding in Vermont

Kettle Pond
Kettle Pond State Park

Groton, Vermont 05046
Kettle Pond, Groton webpage
Kettle Pond State Park map

Also, see Kettle Pond State Park

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The east end of Kettle Pond and Kettle Pond State Park is in Caledonia County. The west end of Kettle Pond is in Washington County.

Washington County

Kettle Pond – Groton (109 acres)
Coordinates: 44.294778, -72.3192389
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Tips for birding Kettle Pond
Birdwatching in Vermont, p. 107.

The TrailFinder website has a description and map of a hike at Kettle Pond.

About Kettle Pond
Kettle Pond (109 acres) is a site for the Vermont LoonWatch annual survey. Birders are encouraged to volunteer as often and whenever they are able. See Join LoonWatch for details.

About Kettle Pond State Park
As early as 1704 Native Americans and the French were using routes through Groton to reach Canada and Massachusetts. Colonists settled this area of Vermont slightly earlier than the rest of the state due to the accessibility the network of waterways provided.

The rocky, tree-covered hillsides were originally covered by white pine, spruce, hemlock, beech, maple, and birch. They were logged by local farmers for lumber, fuel, and potash. The logging industry was large scale for almost 100 years while the railroad was operating. Today, logging is still a vital industry in the area but has lost some of its dominance in favor of modern society’s leisure time movement: private cottages and seasonal homes, park development, and a variety of outdoor recreation activities.

The campground is located on the shores of Kettle Pond, an undeveloped pond. There is no potable water at this site, but you can get water at nearby New Discovery State Park. There is a campers’ beach and miles of hiking and multiple-use trails in Groton State Forest.

Additionally, the Groton Nature Center is nearby and serves all the state parks in the Groton State Forest.

Day-use parking for hiking and boating is separate from the campground and is located adjacent to Route 232. The hiking trail and boat portage trail are located in the northwest corner of the parking near the kiosk.
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