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Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Birding in Vermont

Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Cavendish, Vermont 05142
Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area guide and map

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Hawks Mountain WMA
Coordinates: 43.3778536, -72.5684738
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Tips for birdingHawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area
The TraiAllTrails lFinder website has a description and map of a hike at Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area.

Birds of Interest
Turkey and ruffed grouse are present and can be hunted in season. Peregrine falcons may be observed flying overhead. Songbirds common to northern hardwood forests may be seen or heard.

About Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located in the Southern Green Mountains biophysical region. Its 2,183 acres are owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. The previous owners retain the timber rights.

The majority of the WMA is located in southeast Cavendish and a small portion is located in the town of Baltimore. The Black River flows along part of the western boundary and a portion of the northern boundary.

Cavendish Gulf Road parallels a portion of the southwest boundary. Access is limited and by foot only. From the south, the property can be accessed from the Cavendish Gulf Road by parking on the shoulder of the road and walking up and over a steep, rocky ridge. From the north, access may be gained by parking in one of several pull-offs along Route 131 and wading across the Black River.

The terrain on the WMA is very steep and rugged, ranging in elevation from approximately 700 feet along the Black River to 1,940 feet on the slopes of Hawks Mountain. Ledge outcrops are common throughout the property and are home to porcupines and bobcats.

The WMA is completely forested with red and sugar maple, yellow birch and beech. Patches of red spruce and red oak are scattered throughout. The entire WMA is considered seasonal bear habitat.

Scapania umbrosa, a liverwort that is very rare in Vermont, has been documented within the WMA.
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