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What’s New–March 8, 2019

eBird Hotspot Pages


Alcona County – 2 hotspot pages added
Allegan County – 2 hotspot pages added

Rhode Island

Bristol County – 30 hotspot pages added
Kent County – 33 hotspot pages added
Newport County – 85 hotspot pages added


New Hampshire

Hillsborough County
Lovewell Pond, Nashua
Thanks to Christine Sheridan for providing corrected information about this pond.
Wildcat Falls Conservation Area, Merrimack
Thanks to Molly Jacobson for offering tips for birding this location.

What’s New February 26, 2019

New England States

This website serves as a database for information describing eBird hotspots. Eventually, we hope the information collected can be transferred to the eBird website. While all of the hotspots in New Hampshire are described, we are just beginning to collect information on nearby states.

This week I added sections to the website for these New England states:
Rhode Island

All of the county pages have been created for these states.

On each county page, most of the links to hotspots are to the eBird website. These links are in plain text. When there is a page in this website with more information, the link to the hotspot appears in bold.

For example, this week Daniel McDermott sent me tips for birding two hotspots in Middlesex County in Massachusetts:
University of Massachusetts Lowell–Boathouse
Merrimack River behind Tsongas Arena

I have data to add to coastal locations in Connecticut and Rhode Island and several counties in Massachusetts. I will enter this information into the website as I have time.

Updates New Hampshire Hotspots

Thanks to Molly Jacobson for adding photos to several locations:

Old Monson Village
Photo by Molly Jacobson

Hillsborough County
Beaver Brook Association–Maple Hill, Hollis
Old Monson Village, Hollis/Milford

Rockingham County
Great Bay Discovery Center, Greenland

Strafford County
Route 155A Farm Fields (Moore/Tecce), Durham
This hotspot is also known to local birders as Moore Fields.

New Hampshire – What’s New February 19, 2019


I have fixed several links which gave “404 Page Not Found” errors, including adding two pages which were missing.

Coos County

Unknown Pond, Kilkenny
Thanks to Cliff Otto for noticing that this page was missing in the website. It has been added.

Hillsborough County

Beaver Brook Great Meadow
Photo by Molly Jacobson

Beaver Brook Great Meadow, Hollis
Grater Woods Conservation Area, Merrimack
Greeley Park, Nashua
Horseshoe Pond, Merrimack
Woodmont Orchard, Hollis
Thanks to Molly Jacobson for adding photos and tips for birding to these locations.

Miller State Park–Pack Monadnock
Thanks to Cliff Otto for adding tips for birding the raptor watch at this state park.

Merrimack County

Carter Hill Orchard, Concord
Thanks to Cliff Otto for adding tips for birding at this location.

Strafford County

College Woods
Photo by Molly Jacobson

College Woods, Durham
Oyster River Landing, Durham
University of New Hampshire–Main Campus
Thanks to Molly Jacobson for providing photos and tips for birding College Woods, the tidal marsh on the Oyster River, and the University of New Hampshire Main Campus.

County Pages Updated

I have added a Google Map to each county page and rearranged the page so that the list of all the hotspots in the county is in the left column. This brings the list closer to the top of the page when you are viewing the website on a smartphone.